Orinum Anion Ultra Slim Sanitary Napkins-3pcs – XL Travel Pack


  • Provides proper intimate hygiene
  • Provides with a super dry and comfortanle feel
  • Breathable and odor free


Orinum Sanitary Napkins are clinically tested. These napkins are antibacterial and are designed with an anion strip on it. These napkins are specially designed to be used during their periods. The napkins provide hygiene and cleanliness in the best possible ways during those days.

Product Specifications

Each of the sanitary napkins is individually wrapped, therefore making it easy to carry along while one is traveling as well

The napkins uniquely come with a negative ion chip that helps to prevent bacterial multiplication

Designed in a way that they are breathable and odor-free

Country of Origin- India

Additional information


Regular, XL, XXXL


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