Sandu Makarprash




Sandu Makarprash: Revitalising Family Tonic

• Makarprash is a special ayurvedic revitalising health tonic for entire family.
• Makarprash is a potent immuno modulator, it enhances immunity and provides protection from recurrent infections specially in respiratory system.
• Makarprash has antioxidant potential protects and thus rejuvenates vital body organs and prevents aging.
• It satisfies the growing nutritional demands in children, prevents frequent attacks of cold, cough, fever and reduces absenteeism in schools due to ill-health.
• Makarprash relieves stress, increases stamina and boosts performance.
• Makarprash improves skin tone & lustre and maintains hormonal equilibrium in women.
• Makarprash is antioxidant, rejuvenator, immunomodulator & it helps to maintain positive health in todays hectic lifestyle.


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